Creating Symmetry on a Wall with Asymmetrical Windows

Asymmetrical Windows
Symmetry in a room is what makes the space look balanced and complete, and without symmetry, you can add so much chaos that the room never quite feels finished or peaceful. Sometimes, you cannot help that the room is not symmetrical, such as when the door is not centered on a particular wall or the windows are not perfectly spaced, and the trick is to learn how to counter the problem effectively. Creating symmetry on a wall with asymmetrical windows is not tricky, nor does it have to be a complicated process in many cases.

Curtains or drapes are one of the easiest solutions to the problem, and you can create a feeling of symmetry with a few simple steps. Start by hanging curtain rods above each window, being careful to keep them as close as possible to the same height. Disregard the height of the window, and focus solely on hanging the rods in a manner that gives the room a feeling of symmetry. As long as the curtain covers the window completely, it is fine to be hung at different heights above it in order to create balance.

Color is very important to help you design a feeling of symmetry on a wall with asymmetrical windows. Use shades that blend with the wall color to add to the balanced look of the room, and avoid vivid contrasts when you do not want to draw attention to asymmetrical windows. Keep elements of the window treatment in similar shades; in other words, avoid vivid or contrasting colors between the curtains and blinds. Instead, draw attention to a different focal point, such as a piece of wall art, instead of drawing more attention to the windows.

colorful curtain

Hang the curtains, blinds, or other window treatments straight, when a window is not level. Use sufficient material to cover the entire window, essentially hiding the fact that the window is not straight. To find the right size for the window covering, measure the window from the tallest corner to the lowest to ensure that the covering is long enough to cover the entire window. Measure at the widest point, taking care to include any areas that are out of square on both sides of the window. Use at least twice as much fabric as the width measurement for a full look.

Use picture frames or wall mirrors to play up the asymmetrical windows if you want to use the windows to your advantage in a unique manner. This is a great option if the asymmetrical appearance comes from windows that are different sizes but hung correctly. For instance, if one window is very large but another is fairly small, you can use picture frames in different sizes to play on the size of the windows and add symmetry to the space. A method such as this is a great idea if you want the room to look like you planned the window shape. You can also use metallic artwork or open-style outdoor wall grilles to balance unbalanced window shapes.

Finally, keep in mind that your own sense of style plays a big role in the symmetry of the room. If you like the shape of the windows, make them focal points and accent their uniqueness by adding other items with the same shape and style as the asymmetrical windows.

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