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Parsons Chairs – For a Sophisticated Dining Experience

Dining chairs come in a large variety of shapes, sizes, heights, fabrics, colors, and styles therefore finding the right dining chair can sometimes be a challenge. Parson chairs, being one of the many styles of dining chairs available, make it quite simple to find that perfect chair to not only match the dining table of your choice but to perfectly complement the design of your dining room and the color theme that exists in your dining space.

We all know that dining tables and dining chairs are the main focal part of a dining room. And apart from the table which should be large enough to comfortably accommodate all family members and guests, the accompanying chairs are of paramount importance in terms of comfort and presence. And parson chairs are great in the sense that they can match any style of dining table and help create a wonderfully elegant and inviting dining area.

Too often we find a dining table with matching chairs that, despite the fact that they complement the table itself, are not exactly what we had in mind. We like the table, its size, its wood, its shape, the feel it exudes but the chairs are not necessarily our style or taste. So we naturally feel that we have to give up on the table as well in search of the perfect set. That’s not the case when you realize that parsons chairs offer you a large variety of stunning fabrics, materials, and luxurious leathers to choose from as well as different designs to make the ideal companion to your favorite table as well as your dining room’s design potential.

With parsons chairs being around for a very long time and incorporating characteristics from several periods you can choose from the strong lines present in the famous Mission-style parson’s chair which comes from the Arts and Crafts school. You can also select from the Art Nouveau era which emphasizes online, fluidity and stunning scroll backs that will add charm and sophistication to your dining experience. The continuation of Art Nouveau, the famous Art Deco era, focuses on ornaments adorning the parson’s chair, while elaborate and bold fabrics make for stunning impressions to any dining room.

With the vast variety of materials used, the manner in which a parsons chair is constructed, and the design elements of the arms, back, and legs of parsons chair the options in your choice of the right dining chair are many and should make your selection process a simple one.

Parsons chairs can be found with or without arms. Both are extremely comfortable so your choice is simply a matter of personal taste and degree of comfort. The armrests that are incorporated in parsons chairs can be either upholstered with the same material as the rest of the chair or come in plain wood. The legs can also be upholstered and are available in a variety of designs like fluted, tapered, cabriole, or Chippendale and can also feature a skirt to add an extra touch of elegance. The backs of the parson’s chair can be characteristic of the Arts and Crafts period and be straight, or camel backed and scrolled which are reminiscent of Art Nouveau.

It is apparent that depending on what artistic period the parsons chair comes from you will experience a different feel, look, and character that can create a variety of effects and impressions. So, no matter what your tastes or the existing style of your dining room space you are guaranteed to find the perfect parsons chair for your decorating choices.

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