Fireplace Tools

If your new home has a fireplace or if you are thinking about installing a fireplace in your home or implementing new fireplace design ideas then you need to make sure that you also get all the right fireplace tools. A fireplace tool set performs a variety of functions and can provide style and decoration to any hearth. The types of fireplace tools and accessories you will need depend on the type of fireplace that you have.

Some fireplace tool sets are designed specifically for wood-burning fireplaces and contain many items while a gas fireplace might only need one fireplace tool to make sure it runs properly. If you are not sure about what kind of fireplace tools you need, then you can ask the vendor who sold you your fireplace or the previous homeowner for more information. To make sure that your fireplace is a source of joy and not a nuisance you want to make sure that you have the right fireplace tools to make that happen.

People have fireplaces in their homes for one of two reasons. Some people use the fireplace for heat. If that is your purpose then you want to make sure you have the right tools to keep your fire burning long and clean. Many modern fireplace tools make the job of burning fire easier than it ever has been before. The other reason that people have a fireplace is for aesthetic reasons. There are people that have a fireplace and never burn a single log and just have the structure for decorating purposes.

If that is your aim then you might be more interested in antique fireplace tools because they look more authentic and will go better with certain kinds of fireplaces like natural stone fireplaces. However, if you cannot afford antiques and just want an authentic look then you can use modern brass fireplace tools or iron fireplace tools. If the function is not important to you then there are fireplace tools for sale in almost any color and style to match any décor or fireplace surrounds. There are even fireplace mantel shelves that are made especially for the display of fireplace toolsets.

Types of Fireplace Tools

The electric fireplace needs the least amount of fireplace tools because you do not need to do anything to make sure the fire keeps burning. As long as the electricity is on then you shouldn’t have a problem unless one of the electric fireplace insert logs gets a chip. The one accessory that you might consider is a fireplace screen to keep children or animals away from the hot fireplace. Screens are a good thing no matter how you will be using your fireplace because even if you do not light a fire, custom fireplace screens can be a good decorative element.

A screen is actually a good idea no matter what kind of fireplace you have. You want to make sure that your family and your guests stay a safe distance away from the fire so that they do not burn themselves or get hit by any stray sparks or flying embers. While they are called screens on indoor fireplaces, outdoor fireplaces utilize grates. All the best outdoor fireplaces come with an outdoor fireplace kit complete with all the outdoor fireplace accessories you will need to make a good fire.

Fireplace tools are most applicable to wood-burning fireplaces. Four basic tools usually come as part of a fireplace toolset. The set is completed by a stand that holds the four tools and sits next to the fireplace. These are the tools that some people have around purely for aesthetic purposes. The four main fireplace tools are a brush, shovel, poker, and tongs. You need tongs and poker so that you can move and jostle the logs in the fire around so that the fire burns evenly throughout. If you never move the fuel around, the fire might die down after burning through one section of the log.

The unburned ends will be left behind. The shovel and brush are used to clean out ashes from the fireplace after you are done with it. If you never clean out the old ashes, it will become increasingly difficult to start new fires. Starting fires is made easier by the addition of andirons, a very useful fireplace tool. Andirons hold the logs above the bottom of the fireplace so that you can get kindling underneath. Finally, you will need some kind of tool to carry wood back and forth from your log rack near the entrance to your home.

One useful fireplace tool for anyone who is looking to heat his or her home with the fire is a fireback. This is a steel or iron plate that is installed at the back of the firebox and its purpose is to reflect heat back into the room so that it is not trapped in the fireplace or does not escape up the chimney.

Firebacks are good fireplace tools for any kind of fireplace including gas fireplaces and outdoor fireplaces. Another good accessory to have if you are interested in using the electric fireplace to heat your home is a set of fireplace doors with fans to blow the hot air out into the room.

If you have a ventless fireplace then you need another type of fireplace tool and that is a carbon monoxide detector and/or an oxygen depletion monitoring system. There is no ventless fireplace smell associated with the build-up of carbon monoxide since it is a colorless and odorless gas. You need these monitoring systems to make sure that you and your family are safe.

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