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new roofing
How we came to a decision on a new roof

Our home isn’t even twenty years old yet, so the idea of needing a new roof wasn’t in the forefront of our minds by any means. That said, its not a new home either, and we are seeing the effects of age over the years. We have been keeping up with it as we can, but I really love our little house and it is something I am happy to be in for many years to come.

After some storms in past years (we are in the Midwest, by the way), we have noticed some neighbors having to deal with some issues with their roofs. That was a little concerning to me, but not too much. Starting a couple of years ago, we noticed homeowners getting a new roof here and there. This year, however, we saw a few more and our curiosity began to grow. Just how long does a roof last anyway, I wondered?

Turns out that the hail damage from some major storms this year did some real damage to people’s vehicles, decks, roofs, and windows and screens. This started a chain of events it seems in the neighborhood. This year in the United States though was a real whopper in regards to rough weather and storms, and I know we weren’t the only ones hit with harsh hail, etc.

We got some mail…..

It was during this time we got some mail, letting us know of a company that was being recommended for roof repair. It spoke of being able to answer questions about possible roof repair and let us know that many in the neighborhood were using this company to get their roof fixed.

Like many other families, we are just so busy too, and this was the last thing on our minds. However, if many people had roof damage in our neighborhood from extreme hail, then we likely did as well. This was confirmed after a rain, where we wanted to make sure one part of our gutters was cleared out so the water could flow. We had a lot of “sand” in our gutter, which is normal to some degree, but it was a lot. The storm had pulled off some of the outer layers on our shingles.

What was so nice, is both the insurance company, our homeowners, as well as the roofing company were very helpful. Our insurance concluded we needed a new roof. We needed to pay our deductible true, but a new roof was much more.

This got the ball rolling, and we met with the roofing people. They talked to us at length about everything and answered our questions. They were giving us a discount too for putting up one of their signs in our yard for a couple of weeks, which we were more than happy to do.

Before long, the things were delivered. I went to work one morning, and I guess they came early, right after I left. When I came home, there was a huge mess and several men up on our roof! It had been a long day, but we were so happy with the results.

It is worth it to insurance I guess, to help get a new roof if really needed, before the effects of NOT getting a new roof come into play. Who knows what troubles we are averted when future storms and winds hit again.

I am very thankful to the company, and to our homeowners’ insurance for helping us so much. We pay into that insurance for a reason, so it was nice it was there for us when we needed it. If you are even considering such a thing, start asking some questions and ask around. I am confident this will also help any resale value of the home in the future.

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