Maintaining Your Electric Fireplace

An electric fireplace is an extremely useful addition to any home. It offers the comfortable, cozy ambiance of a traditional fireplace, without the inefficiency, dirt, and mess. Plus, unlike a traditional fireplace, your electric model isn’t much of a fire hazard. It’s the perfect fit for any modern home and can be used to replace an old-fashioned type. Just choose an electric fireplace insert.

However, electric fireplaces can be used in other situations, too. They work in apartments, homes with no built-in fireplace options, and many other spaces where a regular fireplace wouldn’t be feasible. Some are even designed to be portable and can be easily taken with you when you move or travel. Imagine having a fireplace that goes where you do. It’s simple to install and requires very little care.

However, that doesn’t mean that an electric fireplace won’t need a little bit of maintenance. These fireplaces are nearly maintenance-free, but some cleaning and attention are required. Let’s take a look at how to properly take care of your fireplace mantel and electric fireplace. That’ll keep yours looking great and working well for a long period of time. Maintenance is important for every appliance, even one as efficient and easy to use as an electric fireplace. Here’s how to do it.

There are no concerns about keeping the chimney clear, dealing with ventilation, or making sure that your fireplace can burn correctly. Electric models don’t have this problem, because their fire runs off clean, reliable electricity. As long as the workings are still in good shape, there’s no worry about not being able to light it. You also don’t have to clean up ashes and soot with an electric model. It stays clean and tidy, even if you use it frequently. Plus, you’re not losing heat up a chimney – it all stays inside your home.

So, what do you need to do with an electric fireplace heater to keep it in good working condition? There’s not much. You’ll need to make sure that all wires and electrical components remain in good condition. If anything is frayed or worn, have it repaired, and don’t use your electric fireplace until it’s fixed. Periodically checking your fireplace over is an important part of making sure it works well. Keep kids and pets away from it, and make sure it’s located far away from anything that could burn or be damaged by the heat.

Any other maintenance is mostly related to your fireplace’s appearance. Fireplace mantels don’t stay looking good on their own, especially if they have brass work or other bright metal. That decorative finish is going to have to be maintained. Fortunately, it’s extremely easy in most cases.

A toothbrush or sponge and a mildly acidic substance (Worcestershire sauce is a traditional favorite) can be used to keep brass work shiny. Remember never to use an abrasive on it, or you’ll risk scratching. Wipe down the rest of the fireplace with mild soap and water, and wait till it is dry before you use it. That’s all there is to keep your electric fireplace and fireplace mantel in top condition.

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