Overall Cost Of Replacement Windows For Your Home

replacement windows cost
It’s that time of year when people start looking at what the replacement window prices are likely to be for their home, the spring and summertime are when the most home renovation happens. Whilst it’s often a big temptation to put off home window repairs and other repairs for that matter, it’s important that you don’t. The more you put off doing the repairs on your home then the more costly they are likely to be in the long run.

Replacement windows are a particularly popular/common area of home improvement and it’s often because windows cost more and are therefore left a lot longer before they are actually replaced. If windows are left then the consequences can be greater due to issues with dampness, cracking, and subsidence on walls that aren’t supported correctly.

Due to their high cost, it’s really important that you fully understand exactly what’s involved with home window replacement, what costs are involved, and what you need to expect when having the windows in your home replaced.

A Breakdown Of Window Replacement Costs

In general, window replacement costs can be broken down into 3 main areas, these will include:

  • The cost of the window contractor
  • The cost of the replacement window unit
  • The cost of optional extras which you may or may not need

Window Contractor Costs

Window contractor costs will generally be around 30% of the total window replacement cost, this can vary from contractor to contractor and on the complexity of the job they’re expected to complete. In general, though you can assume that if you’re paying $300 for a window then it’s likely to cost you a further $100 to get it fitted by a licensed and qualified contractor.

You will find that most window contractors offer free no obligation quotations which will give you an idea of how much the fitting is likely to set you back, however, make sure you don’t get pressured into anything, window salesmen can be quite pushy in our experience.

Window Replacement Cost

The cost of the replacement units will often be broken down into further two areas, the first is the cost of the replacement unit and the second is the removal of the old window unit. It’s important that you ask the contractor whether the old units will be disposed of as part of the quote or if you’ll need to pay extra for that or even arrange your own disposal.

The cost of window replacement will generally increase based on the window size and the type of window you’re having. Simple casement, picture, and awning windows aren’t usually too costly to replace but large bay & bow windows and traditional sash windows are. If you have a lot of bay windows in your home then expect the cost to be much higher, the average cost for a bay window replacement is somewhere around the $1500 mark, in comparison to a double-hung window which averages at around $400.

Optional Extras

Extras are things that people often don’t give any consideration to, but if not taken into consideration then they can increase your cost significantly without you even realizing it. Optional extras include things like window finishes, both inside and out as well as glazing options, sill options, and grill patterns.

Make sure that when the salesman tells you about the extras such as grill patterns, you ask what the cost is likely to be and check if there are any cheaper alternatives.

In Conclusion

Overall, the cost of windows can be high, and choosing the right windows for your project and for your budget is essential. The entire process can be a bit of a minefield so make sure that you do your homework, make a plan and get several quotes from qualified and licensed contractors. Don’t be left in the dark and make sure you’re the one in control, then everything should be just fine.

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