Patio Door Screen

Did you ever wonder what it would be like if there were a highly convenient, yet pretty reasonably priced screen door? Many people are under the assumption that door screens are hard or costly to install and might end up damaging your existing door frame. And they are also worried that these screens are subject to frequent cracks, and sometimes they come off their tracks. Fortunately, the right patio door screen won’t let that happen! Here’s why and how…

If you’re currently living in a typical apartment, or a luxury condominium, or a typical townhouse, chances are high that you won’t be even allowed to set up a door screen. And what about the doors that feature odd sizes? Does this mean spending fortunes has no other way around to it? Must you be forced to spend a fortune on custom screens? And what if somebody in your household is in the irreversible habit of leaving the screen door open? It’s not a good experience to have flies around, right?

That’s why you need to be savvy while buying your next patio door screen. To illustrate, you got to buy a screen which solves each and every one of these issues. Try to get a door screen that comes in multiple standard door sizes and easily fits virtually all doors – this includes a standard front door or back doors. In fact, some manufacturers get you door screens matching French doors and even odd-sized custom doors, in addition to sliding glass doors.

If you’re buying door screens from reputed manufacturers, you can expect their product to come with other smart features (e.g. simple tool-free installation as well as a magnetic auto-closing feature that facilitates hands-free entry or exit) for everybody in the family – especially the pets! In many cases, custom-sized door screens come in sizes as large as 72-inch in width and you just name the length you want! Let’s take a look at the whole situation from a different perspective.

Patio Door Screen – for Health!

The WHO (or the World Health Organization) says that around 2.7% of the contagious diseases around the words are caused by internal air pollution in common households. And the majority of them stem from highly solid fuel usage (e.g. firewood or charcoal). If you look at the US, there’s hardly any household cooking meal with firewood. Still, fine indoor air quality still remains a crucial issue, despite the fact that you’re living in a modernized home. Clinical researches prove that polluted air in the household might considerably cause children (under 5 years of age) to get pneumonia. In addition to that: your indoor air pollution could also trigger gentle as well as severe cases of asthma.

Fortunately, there’s a simple and reasonably pragmatic option that ensures high-quality indoor air circulation or quality… go get a patio screen door! If you have screen doors at your side, everybody in your home will enjoy fresh and clean air. And you might also wonder, as said earlier if keeping the front door open is a viable option. But as you get the point, that’ll give way to the bugs and mosquitoes. Needless to say, this might make your home vulnerable to severe viral infections like malaria, Dengue, yellow fever, or food contaminations. Patio screen doors, therefore, have great potentials to make the most out of the fresh air, while staying clear of bugs or other similar irritants.

If you’re considering buying a patio screen door, there are several types you can select from. Among the highly popular makes or models are retractable screen doors and their sliding counterparts. Like said earlier, the big plus of the retractable doors is that they automatically retract whenever not in use. But when space-saving is a big issue, a conventional sliding patio screen door is likely to make more sense.

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