The Benefits of Aluminum Roofing

aluminum roofing
Aluminum roofing has many advantages that even supersede those of other metal roofing materials. An aluminum roof is exceptionally light, strong, and durable, making it one home improvement that will last for decades if not a lifetime. Aluminum roofs stay rust-free because this metal roofing material is naturally corrosion resistant due to its unique properties. In addition to their many physical property advantages, aluminum roofing also provides many monetary benefits.

Installing an aluminum roof has been shown to significantly increase the property’s value and resale potential. Additionally, aluminum’s reflective properties help to reduce the cost of monthly energy bills. Looking into each of these many benefits in detail will provide you with a greater understanding of why aluminum roofing is one of the best products on the market today.

Corrosion Resistance

Of all the different metal roofing materials, aluminum by far has the best natural corrosion resistance. This is because of the properties of the metal itself. Unlike steel, aluminum develops a natural oxide layer at its surface once it’s exposed to air. This layer acts as a barrier, keeping reactive species in the atmosphere like oxygen away from the aluminum in the core of the material.

You can think of this as analogous to the zinc coating placed on galvanized steel. Because of its oxide layer, aluminum roofing retains its finish without the need for maintenance for a very long time. An aluminum roof is an especially good idea if you live in an area that has a great deal of exposure to corrosive species. This is why aluminum roofs are seen more often in coastal areas.

Light, Strong, and Dependable

Whether it’s aluminum roofing panels or aluminum roofing shingles, the physical properties of this type of metal roofing are just as alluring to homeowners looking for strength and durability. Aluminum roofs are exceptionally light, meaning that they put less stress on the support structure of your home.

While metal roofing tends to be lighter than conventional roofing in general, aluminum roofing is even lighter than most other kinds in the metal category. An aluminum roof doesn’t trade strength for lightweight, though. Many kinds of aluminum roofs can withstand hurricane-force winds. Consulting with a contractor about what threats the roof will face before determining which type of aluminum roof you want to install is always a good idea.

Environmentally Conscious

In addition to its physical benefits, aluminum roofing provides a great solution for those that are more environmentally aware. Most aluminum roofs are made out of recycled material, making less of an impact on the environment. Additionally, the reflective properties of aluminum roofing mean that less effort is needed to keep the interior of the home at comfortable temperatures. This means less work is needed for the air conditioner or heater to perform. Less work equates with less energy usage, saving on costs, and helping reduce environmental impacts.

Energy Cost Reductions

Monthly energy bills are the bane of any homeowner. Aluminum roofing helps to reduce them because they are more reflective than any other kind of roofing material. During the summer, the aluminum roof will reflect sunlight away from the home, keeping it cool. During the winter, aluminum roofs redirect heat energy that’s attempting to leave the house, making the house warmer than it would be otherwise. No matter what the season is, the energy bills will be lower.

Improved Safety

Compared with conventional roofing materials, aluminum roofing is much safer. This provides greater security and peace of mind to those that live under one. Aluminum doesn’t burn like asphalt shingles or shake will, making fire safety much stronger. Additionally, flooding is less of an issue too since an aluminum roof can work just as well at a shallower pitch.

Because of their proven benefits, many insurance companies lower their homeowners’ insurance rates once they see that an aluminum roof has been installed. Not all companies do this, so if you’re considering installing aluminum roofing, it may do you some good to shop around a bit first.

Increased Property Values

As you can see, aluminum roofing has many exceptional benefits. These aren’t a secret – many people seeking a new home will look for an aluminum roof before they make their final decision. Because of their advantages, aluminum roofing increases a home’s property value significantly. They also help with the resale of the home. Because of this, an aluminum roof is an excellent investment for any home.

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